How to Coach?

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Lecture count: 18
2 Week(s) | 2 Hour(s)

About the Course

A coach works with clients to regain control of their confidence, relationships, careers, and even their lives. They can help transform people's well-being. They provide a powerful learning opportunity facilitated by dialogue. Happier, more balanced, and fulfilled individuals thrive within the family, workplace, and as members of society.

Coaching offers individuals and teams support to understand their circumstances, overcome their problems, and progress toward their goals and dreams. Coaching must be approached with professionalism to ensure appropriate coaching skills for the job.

This course is designed to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to coach someone. You will learn different types of coaching styles that help you to adapt to different situations. You will also be provided examples of how one can resolve certain obstacles when it comes to coaching.

Once you have a better understanding of the available coaching styles, you will be guided through the coaching process. Upon completing both the course and the activities, you would have developed better people, communication and listening skills required to influence your learners..

Course Overview  

In this course,

(1) Understand what it means to Coach Effectively
This course offers you the opportunity to learn how to navigate as a coach in a changing landscape. You'll be able to harness the collective intelligence of your team to motivate and develop others and understand your role as a coach in today's environment.

(2) Learn the common Barriers to Coaching
Learn to identify the common barriers that coaches face and, importantly, understand how they can impact the process of effective coaching. .

(3) Identify and apply the various Styles of Coaching
Explore coaching models you can implement within your team, and you'll discover how you can develop and support your team using coaching. Examine the different styles of the coaching model and learn to apply these techniques in your role, helping your team members reach their full potential and making team meetings more productive.

What is going to be covered

    • Identify the Goal of Effective Coaching
    • Understanding what it means to be a Coach
    • Learn the Barriers to Effective Coaching
    • Understand the Information-Energy Coaching Matrix
    • Differentiate the 4 Styles of Coaching
    • Apply the 4-Step Coaching Framework

Learning Resources  

  • (Slide) Courseware – How to Coach
  • (Excel) Worksheet – How to Coach – Activity 1: Knowing your Team
  • (Excel) Worksheet – How to Coach – Activity 2: Identify Directive Coaching Style
  • (Excel) Worksheet – How to Coach – Activity 3: Review the Personnel and their Coaching Style

Suitable For  

    • Managers who wish to improve their coaching skills
    • Business owners or entrepreneurs who wish to obtain more insights on coaching

Learning Outcomes  

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

1. Understand the various aspects of effective coaching
2. Identify the common barriers that coaches face
3. Learn the different types of coaching styles
4. Apply our step-by-step framework to coach effectively.


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